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Kristen Kestly is the Owner of The Vault Gallery in Sonora. 209-533-1384

You can contact her by email at the address below. Click to send an email now.



The Vault Gallery is open from 11am to 5pm, seven days a week.
During January and February, the gallery is closed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
We are also closed on the following holidays:
New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Driving to The Vault Gallery:
From the West/South (on highway 120/108)
To the Vault:
Go East through Jamestown
and take the first "Sonora" exit.
Continue to the light at the center of downtown Sonora.
Turn left onto Highway 49 also known as "Washington Street."
Three blocks on left side.

From the North (on Highway 49):
Highway 49 becomes "Main Street" in Angels Camp
you can easily continue to the Vault Gallery.
Drive south on Highway 49 to Sonora.
49 becomes "Washington Street."
The Vault Gallery is two blocks past the park in downtown Sonora, on the right side.

By post or phone:

Sonora Gallery:

42 S. Washington St.
Sonora, CA 95370

(209) 533-1384


Gallery Policies:
1) Whatever you want, just ask. I promise we will try to make it happen in such a way that works for both you and the gallery.

2) You will always be treated courteously. We will be helpful, not hovering.

3) Any item may be returned within 10 days after purchase for a full refund. Ask about our trade-up policy.

4) Any painting may be purchased without the frame. We will simply deduct the value of the framing from the price. We will then assist you if you choose with the provision of a more suitable frame.

5) We will work with you on a monthly payment plan (layaway). For items under $500 we divide the cost into four equal payments. For items over $500, we require a 15% deposit, minimum payments of $100 per month and completion of payments within 12 months.

6) We accept credit cards for any purchase over $25.

7) We have and will ship anywhere in the world. Shipping is based on actual cost of shipping with no packing and handling fees ever!

8) Most of the gallery artists will paint paintings on commission. A commissioned painting is priced exactly the same as a similar sized piece hanging in the gallery.

9) John and I will hang the painting(s) in your home for a small fee.

10) You may call me at home anytime. My home phone number is: 209-928-4877.

Kristen Kestly, Gallery Owner

The Vault Art Gallery

The Vault art gallery opened on a hot August night in 1991. It is a gallery of traditional art reflecting the area, from the Native American roots of these foothills to the urban influences of San Francisco and Sacramento flavored with the spices of the adobe West, European immigrants and the times we live in. The original conception of the gallery was as a western art gallery but somewhere after the third year we realized that "western" with all its connotations was too limiting a definition for the art in the gallery. Now the focus is fine, traditional art.

The gallery is located in a beautiful old building in downtown Sonora. A chain of gold rush era small towns adorns the foothills. Until recently, rural drowsiness has protected these towns from sweeping urban changes and allowed them to retain their charm. The Vault is located in just such a charming building, an old bank complete with copper doors, tin-tile ceilings and a massive old bank vault, in a charming town. The fifteen foot ceilings and large plate glass windows provide an elegant, nicely lighted enclosure for the art.

The gallery’s foundation is the artist. This area has been an attraction to artists because of its beauty. Many well-known artists have visited this region, sometimes passing through only to be captured permanently by the unequaled serenity of the Sierras. Art and artist seem to be appreciated and nurtured here. The best of this region’s artists are represented by the gallery either permanently or during shows in their honor.

The patron will find pottery and glass pieces, sculpture and wood items, prints and photographs, but original paintings are the backbone of this gallery. There is a small selection of works by deceased artists both well-known and less so. There are works by contemporary artists both well-known and less well-known with prices for every budget. The gallery in its selection of art and the prices of the offerings attempts to reflect the community and the region.

The gallery is owned and operated by Kristen Kestly. She is dedicated to providing the personal services of a local gallery while providing fine art in a classic and elegant setting.


updated: March 4, 2007